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Who we are

Emanate Fitness is a business dedicated to providing first class fitness packages, group training and personal training with a holistic and effective approach to health and fitness.


Situated in Australia’s capital city, Canberra, we don’t just write about fitness, we put everything into practice. This means that we are able to constantly refine our programs with clients to ensure that they really do work.


Our strength is that we really do care. We will work hard to ensure that you have the best opportunity to lose weight, get fit and start to see some major improvements in your quality of life.


So get excited! A brand new life may be closer than you think.

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What we’re excited about!


Have you ever wondered what your body is truly capable of?
Have you ever dreamed of waking every morning feeling completely refreshed, full of energy and excited about life?
Do you want to lose weight or improve your fitness for life?


Emanate Fitness can definitely help you to achieve all this and even more. The truth is, getting the body you want is not actually difficult if you understand and apply a few basic principles.


Knowledge is power – even in fitness!


Unfortunately the fitness industry is often full of empty promises.
Just ask someone who has tried a myriad of dieting programs to lose weight. Most people now understand that ‘dieting’ is not a long-term strategy to lose weight – yet it is still a thriving industry.

The same is true with fitness. Just ask someone who has tried gym memberships, personal trainers, exercise classes and other ‘fad fitness’ programs. Again, even though many people now understand that many of these programs are not long-term strategies – it is still a growing industry.


Emanate Fitness is very different. We know that ‘dieting’ and ‘fad fitness’ just does not work. Instead, we have developed programs that are firmly grounded in the latest scientific research – brought together in clear, simple and easy to understand principles. However fitness is so much more than understanding the principles of losing weight and being fit. If you don’t enjoy something enough for it to be a habit for life – what’s the point? Emanate Fitness has developed these programs to be fun, challenging, exciting and motivating.


So be encouraged! You really can lose weight, get fit and live a healthy and exciting life.

Our Aims

Fitness is so much more than you might ever imagine. By applying just a few basic principles you can live longer, be stronger, be quicker, more agile and far less prone to injury and illness. You will feel more motivated, more excited about life, wake more refreshed and feel better than you ever thought you could. You will think more clearly, breathe more deeply and experience sensations far stronger than you could imagine.


But more than this…


You will move more fluidly, enjoy a greater range of activities in life and even see problems and circumstances from a different perspective. You will gain confidence, improve your posture, sharpen your memory and reduce your stress levels.


In short, losing weight and getting fit will completely transform your body in ways that science is still discovering.


This is what we are so passionate about – seeing people transformed! To be clear, we are not about giving people drastic programs that temporarily give you slim or muscular bodies in time for summer. We are about getting you fitter and healthier than you ever thought possible for life!


This means providing you with the right tools, the right motivation and the right programs. It means doing what it takes for you to emanate fitness and even inspiring others to get fit too. It means providing you with the right knowledge so that you can take control of your own fitness rather than always relying on the knowledge and motivation of fitness trainers. It means seeing fitness as a strong foundation for living a better life.


Put simply, our aim is to see you live empowered – so that you can really love life for life!


Preparing for your New Program


We have made getting involved with Group Fitness or Personal Training as simple as possible:

1. Download and complete the above forms (bring them along to your first session).
2. Select your package below, or simply go straight to our Packages page.

That’s it! We will be in touch to welcome you and answer any questions you might have.

It is important that you fill out the Adult Pre-exercise screening tool correctly. This helps us to identify and manage any health risks you might have before getting involved in a new fitness program. If required by the screening tool, you must see a GP before your first session Don’t panic, it’s always better to know your current health and fitness limitations before beginning your new program anyway. Please complete Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the screening tool. This will allow us to more safely and effectively guide you on your fitness journey with us.

There is no requirement to fill out any of the forms for our Online Programs. However we still recommend seeing you GP before beginning any new fitness program.

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