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Group Fitness

Emanate group fitness sessions are designed to be challenging, satisfying and fun. The sessions incorporate both teamwork and individual activities and afford the opportunity for members to form friendships and accountability support networks that will provide ongoing encouragement to achieve fitness and health goals.

Emanate group fitness sessions are holistic and target all of the components of fitness (strength, endurance, agility and balance, body composition and flexibility).

Fitness assessments which test an individual’s proficiency in respect of each of these components are undertaken regularly to allow participants to see their progress, strengths and weaknesses.


  • Available to new clients


  • Flexible option

Weekly Package

  • One session per week for 8 weeks

Value Package

  • Two sessions per week for 8 weeks

Personal Training

For a much more targeted approach to fitness, personal training provides you with the very best opportunity to make lasting changes quicker.

Personal training is not simply exercising in a more targeted environment, it is a very personalised strategy based on your unique body composition, fitness and health goals and individual circumstances. If you struggle with losing weight, gaining muscle, motivating yourself or finding time to exercise – we can help!

Emanate Fitness strives to exceed your expectations and provide you with first class, quality service. It is our passion and desire to assist you to stay motivated, work hard and make lasting changes to your life. A significant amount of work is done behind the scenes for both personal training packages in order to achieve these goals.


  • Half price special available to new clients


  • Flexible option

8 Sessions

  • Great value Personal Training

Online Packages

Make a line in the sand. On one side is who you are today. On the other, who you could be tomorrow. Stronger, faster, fitter and filled with energy. Excited about life and unafraid to live each moment.
Now make the choice to become that person – step over the threshold. Live empowered!

Emanate Fitness Online Packages have been designed to stand out. Simple yet highly effective, each package carefully constructed to keep you motivated and excited as you journey down the path to better health and fitness.

Our first package ‘Fresh Start’ is coming soon and is aimed at those who might consider themselves ‘very unfit’ or ‘very unmotivated’. Get excited, because this is an adventure you don’t want to miss.

Fresh Start

  • Coming soon

New Life

  • Coming soon

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